The Ancestral Families of
Greenberry Cook and Amanda Isabell (Irwin) Cook

This website is dedicated to the genealogy and history of Greenberry Cook and Amanda Isabell Irwin, their (our) ancestral families and their descendants and siblings.  The principal feature of the website is the history of our ancestral families, We Are Who They Were.  It tells their stories, subject to known or available documentation, from their first settlement in what would become the United States.  The histories of eighteen ancestral families are told in the story:  Bristow, Bullard, Cook, Hawkins, Head, Irwin, Kennington, Lowrey, Lowry, McDonald, McLaren, Muse, Nichols, Pope, Seale, Smith, Taylor and Veale.



We Are Who They Were


Open the above link to a PDF file in book format.  This is a large file and may take up to a minute or more to download, depending on the speed of your computer.  The file can be read on-line or printed and bound into a book.  There are several color photos and other documents embedded in the file.  A LaserJet color printer will produce the best results.  A LaserJet monochrome, or black and white, printer should produce satisfactory results.  An inkjet printer may render some of the imbedded documents difficult to read.  

Composite photograph of Greenberry and Amanda Isabell (Irwin) Cook and their first grandchild, Melinda Elweltra Cook.  The photo of Greenberry and Elweltra was taken in 1923 at Granite, OK.  The date of Amanda’s photo is unknown.  Photo courtesy Wayne Cook 



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