The Ancestral Families of
Greenberry Cook and Amanda Isabell (Irwin) Cook

This website is dedicated to the genealogy and history of Greenberry Cook and Amanda Isabell Irwin, their (our) ancestral families and their descendants and siblings.  The principal feature of the website is the history of our ancestral families, We Are Who They Were.  It tells their stories, subject to known or available documentation, from their first settlement in what would become the United States.  The histories of eighteen ancestral families are told in the story:  Bristow, Bullard, Cook, Hawkins, Head, Irwin, Kennington, Lowrey, Lowry, McDonald, McLaren, Muse, Nichols, Pope, Seale, Smith, Taylor and Veale.

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The following are the principal Cook ancestral family Group Sheets.   Pedigree 
 charts for Greenberry Cook and Amanda Isabell Irwin are included in the book.


Allen and Ellendor Cook

   Russell and Esther Lucinda Cook  

 Middleton and Mary Jane Cook  

  Greenberry W. and Sarah Frances Cook  

 Greenberry and Amanda Isabell Cook 

Robert Lee and Elizabeth Cook


The following additional Family Group Sheets are of the principal families in our lineage.


John Muse

Thomas Muse

James, Sr. and Sophia Muse

   Humphry, Sr. and  Elizabeth Pope     Humphry, Jr. and Amy Pope  Anthony, Jr. and Anne Seale
Charles and Lydia Seale    Thomas and Rachel Seale  Richard and Mary Head
 James Alfred and Elizabeth Head  Richard and Ellen Irwin  William and Margaret Irwin
 Lockhart and Nancy Irwin     James Jefferson and Ara Elizabeth Irwin     Isaac, Sr. and Isabella Taylor 
 Isaac, Jr. and Emeline Taylor  Thomas and Rebecca Taylor  James and Sarah Bullard
 William and Temperance Bullard  James Richard and Jerusha Bullard    Angus and Elizabeth McDonald   
 Allen and Judith McDonald  John and Mary McDonald  John and Ellendor Lowrey


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All comments, corrections, suggestions, ideas, positive or negative, are welcome.  I am particularly interested in correcting any erroneous dates (birth, marriage, death) or family name mis-spellings that the documents may contain.    I have quite a large data base of names (well over 10,000) but also have many missing names and would appreciate any submissions of such missing names and dates.     

I would also like to enlarge the photo gallery on the website.  If anyone has any old family photographs, and they are stored on your computer or you have the ability to scan them onto your computer, please email them to me.   If you have only hard copies, you can mail them, and I will scan them and return them to you.  Click on  the link below for my mailing address.    

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